Everything is a lesson, just not always your’s

Having a strong belief that everything happens for a reason can make unexpected horrible experiences all the more confusing and unfathomable. Agonizing over why something bad has happened, why I deserved it and what I  am supposed to learn from it, can be more exhausting than the actual happening itself. This time though I’ve realised that it wasn’t about me. It wasn’t my lesson to learn, however it might have been their’s. I’m just the one that had to be hurt in order for them to learn, and grow and become a better person. That person needed to learn a lesson, and respect that their actions need to be less selfish and that having the audacity to lie your way through life doesn’t always mean that you will succeed, if someone is better at telling the truth than you are at lying.

The important thing I suppose, is for me to make peace with this and move on. After all it’s still a lesson learnt in someone’s book.


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